sad whatsapp status sad

104) I Hate The Fact That You Ignore Me For So Long Then You Start Talking To Me Like Nothing Happened. ( Sad Status for Whatsapp )

105) I Think I’M Afraid To Be Happy Because Whenever I Do Get Too Happy, Something Bad Always Happens.

106) Sometimes You Got To Accept The Fact That Certain Things Will Never Go Back To How They Used To Be.

107) The Moment When You Burst Out Crying In You Room and You Realize That No One Know How Unhappy You Are.

108) The People Experiencing The Most Pain Tend To Be The Ones Who Are Always Trying To Make Others Smile.

109) I Will Always Care For You, Even If We’Re Not Together and Even If We’Re Far, Far Away From Each Other.

110) Waiting Is Painful, Forgetting Is Painful. Be that as it may, Not Knowing Which To Do Is The Worse Kind Of Suffering.

111) Crying Is The Only Way Your Eyes Speak When Your Mouth Can’T Explain How Things Made Your Heart Break.

112) Eight Letters, Three Words, One Regret, I Miss You.I Stay Home Alone, Listen To Music and Think Too Much.

113) I Will Always Care For You, Even If We’Re Not Together And Even If We’Re Far, Far Away From Each Other. ( Sad Whatsapp Status )

114) Sometimes, Crying Is The Only Way Your Eyes Speak When You Mouth Can’T Explain How Broken Your Heart Is.

115) I Didn’T Lose You, You Lost Me. You’Ll Search For Me Inside Of Everyone You’Re With And I Won’T Be Found. best sad whatsapp status

116) A Breakup Is Like A Broken Mirror. Its Better To Leave It Than Hurt Yourself Trying To Pick Up The Pieces.

117) So I Guess It Ends Here. We Will Go Out Separate Ways and Hope That We’Ll See Each Other Somewhere In Future.

118) If You Can Learn From The Worst Times Of Your Life, You’Ll Be Ready To Go Into The Best Times Of Your Life. ( Sad Whatsapp Status )

119) Cry As Much As You Want To, But Just Make Sure When You’Re Finished, You Never Cry For The Same Reason Again.

120) I’M Sorry. I Tried Being Prefect. Be that as it may, Its Just Not Me.I Have Been Sad For Years. Try not to Tell Me It Gets Better.

121) I Have A Habit Of Falling Too Hard And Falling Too Fast, And Getting My Hopes Up For Something I Know Won’T Last.

122) Sometimes When I Say ” I Am Okay ” I Want Someone Too Look Me In The Eyes, Hug Me Tight and Say ” I Know You’Re Not “.

123) You Treat Me Like Shit For No Reason, Yet I M Still In Love With You. Quit Breaking My Heart. I Just Want To Love You.

124) Sometimes I Don’T Tell People What’S Wrong Because Most Of The Time They’Re Just Being Curious. Not Because They Care.

125) I Am Fighting Alone and Being Depressed Is An Everyday Fight. I Am Tired Of Being Sad Now. Trust… .Nothing Feels Right.

126) One Get Used To Being Alone, But It’S Enough To Break It For A Day and You Have To Get Used To It Again From The Beginning.